H​oduck Decoy Company

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HDC Deluxe Gunner: The HDC deluxe gunner is a decoy made extremely tough and built to withstand the harshest conditions by coating it with burlap and adhesive. The finished product is a very solid, dent and break resistant decoy with a very natural looking texture after painting.

HDC Custom sleeper: ​A one piece tougher than nails restle coated decoy molded in a sleeper position. Sleeper decoys add realism to any diver spread. Seasoned waterfowlers have realized the importance of a "relaxed" looking group of birds and the drawing power they add to a spread.

HDC Gunner II: Features a nearly indestructible coating of crushed walnut shells, hardwood saw dust, and a 100% waterproof adhesive for a decoy that will last generations, rather than seasons. The HDC gunner II is painted as above with additional hand painted detail. Our most popular decoy!

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​​HDC Gunner: Features detailed species correct color painted on a solid foam body and high impact head. Only the best, most durable paint is used to ensure a long lasting finish very atractive to incoming birds. The HDC gunner comes complete with eyebolt and washer ready to add to your spread.

*coming in May