H​oduck Decoy Company

Welcome to Hoduck Decoy Company. HDC foam duck decoys are the latest and what we believe best made foam duck decoys on the market. HDC utilizes Homer Decoys bodies and replacement heads as well as some excellent custom decoys molded and carved here in the HDC shop. Our bodies are made from 3lb density expandable plastic foam (Herter's decoys were 2lb density) and with proper care will be handed down to the next generation of waterfowl hunters. HDC and Homer d​ecoys are made so that you can shoot ducks over and in the decoys. Never pass up an opportunity again due to worries of sinking a decoy. The new magnum diver body is  approximately 1lb in weight and has a self righting weighted keel molded in. They measure a full 14 inches long, 8 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall and sport a recessed area to allow superior grip and control of the decoy when wrapping your anchor lines. This recessed area also allows for a tighter hold to the water for a more natural look. It is our mission and honor to bring serious, hardcore waterfowl hunters a product that not only look amazing and function flawlessly, but have been developed and finished to last a lifetime and then some.

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